5 interesting facts about Reiki drumming

5 interesting facts about Reiki drumming

  1. For thousands of years the drum beat has been a sacred part of indigenous cultures around the world, viewed as a powerful spiritual tool , the drum is used in ceremonies at weddings, births, deaths and initiations.
  2. Reiki is an non intrusive hands off healing technique using universal healing energy to heal the body, mind, emotions and soul of the individual. When you Combine Reiki and Drumming into a persons energy field they can achieve deep relaxation, thereby releasing any deep seated tension and putting the body back into a state of equilibrium. Spiritually, the vibration of the drum encourages balance of body, mind, emotions and soul. The charkas are balanced creating a sense of peace and calm in the body. If we are balanced and at peace then we can deal with even our toughest of days with ease.
  3. Drumming increases your heart rate and blood flow, it also balances your right and left hemispheres of the brain. The drum also connects humans to the earth vibration and slows the brain to around 8 cycles per second, the same as earths frequency. 
  4. Study’s have shown that Drumming can help treat stress, anxiety arthritis and migraines. Drumming can also help control chronic pain as it promotes the production of your body own painkillers.
  5. Drumming can alter the state of consciousness. The brain moves from Beta to Alpha waves this will give you a feeling of euphoria and well being.

Fancy trying Reiki Drumming?
Call or message Ali on 07980923996 to book your appointment.
£25 for Reiki drumming at the Vault creative well being centre in Wallsend.
or £30 for mobile Reiki drumming 

Check out my Reiki drumming demo video below.

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