5 Reasons why my clients think you should try Reiki Drumming at the Vault in Wallsend

5 Reasons why you my clients think that you should try Reiki Drumming at the Vault Creative well-being centre in Wallsend.

My Reiki clients and friends are so passionate about the positive benefits of Reiki drumming in their life that, when I told them that I was writing a blog about the benefits of the drum they wanted to share with you their experiences and why you should invite Reiki drumming  into your life

  1. The Reiki drumming is so relaxing, you’ll feel like you’ve melted.The euphoria that occurs from the sound waves and relaxing energies take you away to a blissful meditation.
  2. ​I really felt it jolted out any negativity I was holding onto It sent me into a beautiful trance that I had never felt before Also felt like it had regulated all my chakras
  3. Reiki drumming is a way of healing my spirit/soul. I go to a chiropractor who heals the outside of my body, the physical things. Where the Reiki drum heals the things inside me, heals me on a deeper level and I think the healing is going on in a subconscious level equally important as the physical side. I always feel so much calmer afterwards. I always amazes me what comes up each session. I always feel so much calmer after a session.
  4. I wanted to experience Reiki Drumming ! And booked with Ali And boy I wasn’t disappointed!! Fantastic session mix of meditation Reiki and drumming…well worth the money!! The drum vibrations really did increase my energy flow – I was tingling all over ! Felt amazing afterwards calm yet full of energy for the day ahead … Ali was brilliant and I would definitely recommend this for anyone who hasn’t tried it.
  5. I connect with my inner self in a lovely way, calm and relaxed.. the sound and vibration gets into your soul and you feel your energy from within and connecting to the energies of the universe.. amazing!!

Fancy trying Reiki Drumming? Message or call Ali on 07980923996 to book your appointment.

£25 for Reiki drumming at the Vault Creative well-being Centre Wallsend
or £30 for Mobile Reiki drumming ( I operate from south Northumberland to Newcastle)

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