About Me

I’m Ali Avery, and I’m the owner of Avery’s Angels. I was first introduced to Reiki in 2010 after being ill with severe vertigo, unable to work for 4 months. Doctors could not help, and I was told to wait until my ear infection was gone. In desperation I turned to Reiki, which was recommended to me by my cousin.

My first Reiki treatment was wonderful, but it was hard to explain what happened during the treatment. I just knew that I felt more at peace, calmer and less dizzy. Two treatments later, my vertigo was completely gone. From that point I wanted to know everything about Reiki and resolved to learn it myself. Now, a decade on, I own my own business and can give a number of different Healing treatments and workshops including: 

– Crystal Reiki
– Reiki Drumming
– Shamanic healing
– Workshops 
– Drumming groups

Please join me on my Reiki journey and we will discover the unique healing powers of Reiki together. To get in touch or book a session, contact us.

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