Being an empath and how Reiki can help

I am an empath and I struggle with being in groups; for example the train and parties can be uncomfortable for me. An empath is a person with the ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. Please don’t think that I have the ability to read your mind, it’s just that when you feel an emotion I feel it too. If  you are sad and frustrated, then guess what? I am now both of these things. This can get confusing when it comes to understanding how I actually feel myself. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve known how people feel about me and what they are really saying and I can interpret what your energy body and chakras are saying  too. Now it’s not just me that has this ability, all or us have to some degree. 
Have you ever walked into a room of people and just known that there is something wrong? Or been able to understand and feel how someone is doing without them saying anything?  Well you too could also be an empath.

The reason why I felt the need to share this with you is because, I know that there are some empaths out there who, like me, struggle to be around people, because they just feel all raw emotions of other people. It can be debilitating and often we choose to live alone, or just spent a lot of our time on our own, as we can’t always deal with your emotions as well as our own.

 I am here to help you with some hints and tips on how to deal with being an empath, by changing your daily routine to build an emotional shield: 

1. Say, “thank you to all the people that I have met today. But please will you take your energy back, and please let my energy be returned to me”. (this is a polite way of saying “have your emotions back”)

2. Feel or sense a large ball or white/orange reiki light, just above your head. Let this ball of energy completely engulf your body, until you are in a reiki bubble. Ask this reiki ball of energy to be with you all day and to provide you with enough energy to last you for the day. 

3.Say ” let today be a good day, and if it can’t. Then please let me deal with it in a positive way” and  “let only loving energy enter my energy field”

4. Then, ask Archangel Michael to place you in his blue cloak of protection around you. Visualise this clock from your head to your toes being fully zipped up.

5. Throughout the day, if  you still  feel that you have taken on peoples emotions. Don’t worry, just repeat “Thank you for all the people I have met today, let their energy be returned and let my energy be returned to me”. ​​

This is my daily routine that I have adopted to allow me to cope with other peoples’ emotions. Being an empath is also a gift so lets embrace it.

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