How a Reiki drumming journey helped my painful right leg.

As part of my Reiki drumming practitioner course at the weekend, we learn’t how to do the Reiki drumming journey technique. It sounds more complicated than it really was.

My Reiki meditation gave me the chance too connect with my totem animal (spirit guide) who had some important information for me regarding my reoccurring right leg problems.

I have had 2 knee operations and they have taken away chunks of torn cartilage, and I also have very random right hip and ankle pain too. To this day the doctor can not understand why I keep getting reoccurring pains and injuries, it’s not like i’m a runner or a rambler. 
However, when it was my turn to lie down under a blanket to be taken on a meditation journey to see what words of wisdom my guide had to offer me, I was a little apprehensive and excited too.

My guide told me that my right leg pain was due to my constant inability to let go off my past. I was a little shocked, thinking that I had put too bed my past.
However, there it was. My right leg. A CONSTANT reminder to let go of my past. It does not serve me anymore, it can’t hurt me. It does not exist anymore, therefore it can’t hurt me. This is now my daily mantra.

So, my guide presented me with some red balloons. This was my chance to really let them go, every balloon had a words or pictures on it, all connected to my past. 

Could this really be my chance to let them go?? Was I ready?

My past has made me who I am today. What happens if I let them go? Will I change?
F*** it, lets do it. Then the balloons where gone.

Several days later, I notice that my aches and pains have gone in my right leg. I felt lighter, I was less worried, less anxious and my past was having less off a negative attachment too me. 

Then the realisation hit. Shit man, I could off lived my life for 15 years without leg pain if I was only ready to let go of the past and live in the NOW !!!!!

Now who fancies a Reiki drum journey?

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