How stress can cause illness in the body

This is my journey of how selling a 16 year old “sentimental” car  caused an illness in my body.  After 10 fabulous years with my Honda Integra (see picture below) , it was time to part with it. However I had become emotionally attached to my car.

10 years ago I used the inheritance money from my mums estate to buy the car of my dreams. The car was the only positive thing and constant presence in my life as I battled grief, and all the changes that happened in my life in those 10 years. It was like she was there helping me. When it was time to part with the car I found the prospect of selling difficult to cope with and it was a long and painful month.

My Reiki clients have taught me so much about how your mind can have an effect on the physical body. Your body is like a map, what you think and feel about your life is  physically displayed in your body.  For a month  I battled illness as I waited for the right buyer, I had:

  • Migraines
  • Stomach flu
  • Emotional upset
  • Fatigue

My friends/family and Reiki clients were all telling me to stop and have time alone, mediate and self heal, also to be compassionate to myself. It took weeks before I finally listened to them. Here is map of how stress caused illness in my body.

​Then finally I picked up my self care tool box and I drummed, healed, smudged and walked in the woods until finally the right buyer arrived and it was time to let go of pent up grief, fear and loss of an car that had given me security, safety and in some cases my identity. It felt amazing to let go, to be free and in some way let my mum go after 10 years of holding on to her memory. All the pain in my stomach, legs, knees and head disappeared overnight. 

​It has taken me 2 months to write this blog I felt that I was too emotional to write it and share my story with the world. I hope it helps someone to understand that what we think effects our body in ways that we could not even imagine. If we watch our thoughts, and turn them into more positive ones and live our life with love and not fear of loosing our possessions or people. Then we will be more balanced, happier, more content and come from a place of love and compassion. 

Love and light 
p.s my new car is awesome, its not flash and its an economical “family” car CRINGE !

My Honda Integra

Reiki healing video

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