How to live in the moment.

How to live in the now….
Have you ever been to the most beautiful place in the world, but not seen it because
you are too involved in you to do list?

Here are my 5 top tips on how to live in the moment:

1. Gratitude. Be grateful for what you have. Tonight before you go to sleep, think all of all the wonderful things that you have in your life. Your health, family, your home the food in your belly. Make your list

2. Mediation. watch my grounding meditation:

3. Eat root vegetables:
when you find it hard to live in the moment your root chakara may be out of balance. To help balance your chakara eat root vegetables. Carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and beetroot. Even picked veg is great too.

4. Get out in nature
Go for a walk in nature as much as you can. If you find it hard to get to a park or a beach. Just take your shoes off and walk on the grass. This will help you feel more grounded to mother earth.

5. Have a Reiki treatment at the Vault in Wallsend with Avery’s Angels. This will help you feel centred, balanced, peaceful and happier to live in the now and not on your to do list.
Call Ali on 07980923996 and we will talk about how Reiki can help you.

“I had a beautifully relaxing 1 hour Reiki session and consequently the best night sleep ever last night. Thank you Ali. I will definitely come and see you again soon and highly recommend. An hour out of the world of a busy mum.” Busy mum from North Tyneside.

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