Is it possible to live in the moment?

Someone once said to me that “you can’t get hurt if you live in the moment”.

Could this be true? This is something that I have been wondering about for the past few weeks as I have had a few life changes. I have worried about my future and stressed about my past. What has all that stress and worry about something that is not happening NOW, helped me? None, zip, nil it has NOT helped.

So, while typing at my computer I can feel the cold on my feet (the window is open) and feel the heat from my laptop on my knee, and the ache in my lower back. For that moment nothing hurt me, for that moment. There was no past, no future there was only now. 

So is it possible to live in the NOW and not get hurt? But surely it is not possible to live in the NOW all the time.  Maybe it is just about being aware of the here and now more, and knowing that all there is is now……..

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