My Reiki Drum

My Reiki Drum.

You’re my healing companion my trusted friend when all seems lost.
Your sound uplifts me, excites me and grounds me.
When I hear your heartbeat, I’m home, back in my mother’s womb.
You’re my spiritual guide, my job, my passion and an extension of myself.
Without you I would not be able to face my fears and shine my light.

Your heartbeat calls out to people
“Come here my friend, trust me, we can do this”
The drum can be heard from the roof tops and felt deep inside your soul.
The sound connects you to all that you are and all that you could be.

Let me hear your heartbeat, play it loud and proud. For your sound is like the pied piper, people follow you, they are drawn to you. They can’t explain why they need your song, they just know it helps them feel better, they can think clearly, feel more centred, become motivated and energised to meet life’s challenges.

​My Reiki Drum x

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