Rediscovering Magic at the Mind, Body and Spirit fair

​As a child I always believed that I was never alone, often believing that I was surrounded by a team of angels who were my constant companions and protectors. They would grant wishes if I asked enough (still waiting on my pet unicorn!) and they would whisper gently into my ear words of joy and peace in my darkest of days. I was never alone.

I believed in magic, that anything was possible and Life had no limits. Hey, I even believed that my dolls had a party when I was asleep, so I dressed them appropriately for there evening of shenanigans.

However, as an adult these beliefs are frowned on and I always got really strange looks when I mentioned angels or spirits. It was normal at home to talk about angels and spirits as mum believed in angels and would often send some of her angels to protect me when I was away from home. My brother had a constant unwanted Spirit visitor sitting at the bottom of the bed. But my skills were not encouraged to develop and both mum and brother were fearful of the unseen world and it was not something that they want to develop. As they believed ” it was a door once opened,  that they would not be able to close again”. My dog on the other hand would often sit happily wagging her tail welcoming  the latest spirit visitor to the house.

When I discovered Reiki in 2010, the magic, wonder and miracles of my childhood returned. Reiki was a gift to me, a key to help other to heal themselves, as a child I tried to heal animals and plants, I even had a go at bringing dead animals back to life, which was never successful much to my disappointment.
As a Reiki practitioner I can believe in magic again. I work with angels, dragons, unicorns, spirit guides and totem animals.

When  I work or attend a Mind, Body and Spirit fair, it’s like being in Santa’s grotto of magic and wonder you can feel this amazing energy when you step in, and you are met by some of the best practitioners, therapists and mediums that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 
I feel at home there, I feel normal. I can talk to Paul from Pauls Astrology about the wonder and mystery of astrology , have a tarot card reading and soul healing from the very talented couple Victoria and Sammy from Twin Flame Mystics even pick up a few gifts too. Why not treat yourself to a holistic facial with Sarah from Inner Vitality?
You have a choice of lovely Reiki practitioners for your Reiki treatment and spiritual guidance from the very talented couple Lorraine and Margaret or Jacqui from Reiki Rooms, you could Meet me, Ali from Avery’s Angels of course 🙂 to try a Reiki or Reiki Drumming treatment.  Lindsay the health coach  will guide you on your journey to a better way of living. Have a chat to Helen a ” M” Technique Practitioner and nurse of 25 years to discover how this unique healing can help with cancer, Fibromyalgia and ME. Shamanic practitioner and yoga teacher Christine from Peace Pipe Circle Woman will help you with Pain Relief and trauma release using her Atlantean Tuning forks. Also come and  have a Angel tarot card reading with the lovely Lucy May

These are just an example of who you’ll meet and what you’ll experience. Why not join us at the next Mind, Body and Spirit fairs hosted by either the Vault in Wallsend or Andrene Wilson from Soul to Soul Mind Body and Spirit Fair? You won’t regret it.

Check out these lovely photos taken by Serina from Photography by Serina who specialises in landscape, capturing the life and soul of the places where she goes. Serina taking photographs to give her dad the chance see the  beauty of the world from the comfort of his own home. 

I hope to see you all at the next Mind, Body and Spirit Fair. 

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