Reiki drumming :)

I have just had the most amazing weekend in Kirkcaldy with my cousin Ronnie. We were on a 2 day Reiki drumming course. I love Reiki, and I have my own drum and often use my drum in shamanic journeys, but I wanted to do more with my drum. So when I heard about Reiki drumming I jumped at the chance to become a Reiki drum practitioner.

So, I spent the 2 days learning about how you can send Reiki though the drum to heal. I could not understand the full benefits of a Reiki drumming session until I had 2 treatments, from my fellow students. It was incredible, I felt the warmth and the loving energy of Reiki. The drum was played just about 10-20 cm above my body, and it was played all over. The vibration of the drum on my body was just amazing, my whole body vibrated and tingled all over ( bit like when you are at a club, and you are in-front of the rather large speakers).  

My whole body radiated in pure white healing light of Reiki energy and tingled with the vibration of the drum. I felt more alive that I had in months, and a perfect sense of peace and calm came over me. I just knew that all was well in my world and that all my needs were catered for by the universe and my intention. 

I love Reiki drumming and I am so looking forward to sharing this immense healing experience with you all. 

My Reiki clients love it. You should try it too.
“I had my first reiki drumming session, it was a really powerful experience. The drumming vibrates through you’re whole body, which is an amazing feeling. The whole session was calming & relaxing & I was completely energized afterwards. The best reiki session I’ve ever had, highly recommend. Thanks Ali, I absolutely loved it”

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Watch my Short Reiki demo video……

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