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"Went for my first visit today to Averys Angels with Ali. She delivers Holistic Treatments and Shamanic Healing. Wîlf Víssengä had mentioned it in one of his posts and said "Don't knock it till you tried it" so after 2 years of being ill and some traumatic events happening at the same time I thought "Why not".

After a little reading and research I decided to try the Shamanic Extraction Medicine. Obviously a little sceptical I had mentioned it to my doctor who basically rubber stamped my visit but mentioned he couldn't say if it would do anything for me. So today I arrived at the clinic to be greeted by Ali herself who immediately put me at ease with her down to earth manner. A little form filling and then I was soon on the couch.

The first part of the treatment was strange to me as Ali used a feather all over my body which highlighted areas of my body which I have had trouble with. Then she began the healing with her hands tackling the problem areas. I was pleased that she highlighted all areas correctly and as my scepticism fell away I began to enjoy the experience. There was some drum and shaker therapy and some deep breathing. This was followed by a Reiki treatment and then she contacted some ancestors of mine and we discussed the findings.

Have to say that at the time it was all a little strange and I have no idea how she did it, but, after reflection it began to make perfect sense. This is the first part of my holistic journey so we shall she where it ends over time and how my health improves. Hey it might not be everybody cup of tea but as Wilf said 'Don't knock it till you tried it!'.

I would highly recommend Ali if its your thing."​

John T

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